Domov Operační systém

Operační systém

Here, you can obtain information about mobile phone and computer operating systems, such as Mac, Windows, Android, IOS, and Hongmeng systems,etc.

  • Complete List of MS-DOS Commands

    byTim FisherVP and General Manager, Lifewire.comTim Fisher has 30+ years' professional technology experience. He focuses on support and Microsoft topics but is an expert in all areas of tech. He's als...

    1885 30/11/2021

  • PC Makers: We Need to Talk About the Boot Drive

    Boot drives rarely get the attention they deserve. C: The type and capacity of the drive will significantly affect your system startup speed, program loading speed, and how long it takes you to actual...

    1906 29/11/2021

  • Completely Uninstall Unwanted Apps from Your Computer with IObit Uninstaller 10

    ApplicationsCompletely Uninstall Unwanted Apps from Your Computer with IObit Uninstaller 10Today, the question comes to mind what is the purpose of using a third-party uninstaller? This is a common qu...

    1943 28/11/2021

  • How to Create a Bootable DOS USB Drive

    DOS is no longer widely used, but you may still need to boot into the DOS environment at some point. Windows' built-in formatting utility allows you to create floppy drives that can be booted via DOS,...

    1695 27/11/2021

  • How to Map a Network Drive in Windows 10

    If you need to frequently access the shared folder stored on the networked PC, you need to map the drive letter to the shared folder for easy access. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the st...

    1571 26/11/2021

  • Why and How to Make Dell Boot from USB? Here Is the Tutorial

    Summary:Booting from USB drives is an effective solution especially when your computer is unable to start. In this post,MiniTool Softwareprovides a tutorial about how to make Dell boot from USB device...

    1668 25/11/2021

  • How to Format Samsung SSD for Mac/Macbook Pro on Windows PC?

    What type of format should I use for Mac?Which is better for Mac, exFAT or FAT32?How to format Samsung SSD for Mac on Windows PC?[3 Ways]SummaryWant to format Samsung SSD for Mac usageI have...

    1610 24/11/2021

  • Email Users If Their Active Directory Password is set to Expire Soon – The Lazy Administrator

    DirectoryUser E-Mail AddressE-Mail FormatSMTPSending E-MailLoggingCredentialThe ScriptIn this article I will show you how PowerShell can automatically send an e-mail notification to end users when the...

    1675 23/11/2021

  • How to Format a Hard Drive For Both Windows and Mac

    Want to use an external drive for your Windows PC and Mac? One obstacle you will face is that these platforms use different file systems by default. Windows uses NTFS and Mac OS uses HFS, and they are...

    1696 22/11/2021

  • How to Easily Format/Unlock Encrypted Hard Drive without Password?

    SceneI have a hard drive protected by Bitlocker. Login, password and restore key areunknown. All I want to do is wipe the whole hard drive. I have no access to thedrive when I try to boot from a Windo...

    1643 21/11/2021

  • How to Wipe a Hard Drive or SSD: Format Drive to Erase All Data

    If you are dealing with the computer's hard drive and want to delete all personal data, or if you want to completely remove an old Windows installation, formatting the computer's hard drive is an impo...

    1614 20/11/2021

  • Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcut to Hide & Unhide Desktop Icons

    To quickly unhide and hide desktop icons in Windows 10, you can create your own custom keyboard shortcuts. The following are the specific steps.To keep the desktop squeaky clean, you can not only set...

    1653 19/11/2021

  • Jak stahovat videa z Redditu

    Reddit je 5. nejnavštěvovanější web ve Spojených státech, nejnavštěvovanější web v USA a 13. na světě. Je to neustálý zdroj nejnovějších zpráv, zábavných videí a všech druhů fascinujících...

    1601 18/11/2021

  • Fix Choose an operating system on windows 10

    Fix the choice of operating system on Windows 10.Here I will show you, how to fix choose an operating system on windows 10. When you will start your Computer or Laptop that’s the moment you will see t...

    1682 17/11/2021

  • How to Remotely Access Your Computer from Your Phone

    In almost every computer user’s life, there will be a period of time when they need files from a PC... and the PC is not nearby. Fortunately, there is an easy way to remotely access your PC directly f...

    1645 16/11/2021

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