Domov Software Adjustable Head Strap for Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset, Enhanced Support and Comfort in VR Gaming (Quest 2 Headset Not Included)

Adjustable Head Strap for Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset, Enhanced Support and Comfort in VR Gaming (Quest 2 Headset Not Included)

1618 23/08/2021

The head strap works well once it is on. I bought this to replace the stock head strap because it caused a pressure point on my forehead. This works practically perfectly. The screw in the back makes it easy to adjust, but the velcro needs to be moved if you open it much larger than where you have it for your head. The velcro has an odd texture that touches the head; it does not hurt. It is smooth, but if you sweat at all it will show wet spots on it. When tightening the head strap, it makes a crank sound (I find it hilarious-like I’m screwing in my head). I notice I sweat a bit more because of how close and secure it is on my face. The other left a gap that let in slight air movement to dry it away. I used to have a problem with the blurry vision in a lot of positions except the Goldilocks spot. It has completely resolved itself. On occasion, I noticed fogging of the lenses with both of the head straps under certain conditions (the headset is cold while my face is warmer and I already have sweat). This problem can be solved with more air flow or a different facial interface that is designed with that in mind. If you tighten it as much as possible and play for the entire battery life, it can cause a pressure point or two. So, just don’t squeeze your head too much or it might hurt over time. Also, don’t ignore the top velcro strap, that helps with counter balancing the weight from the front to distributing it throughout the head strap.I still really like this head strap. After I got to try out the quest 1, I realized I’m not as in love with the design as I thought. This is because I hate having to do slight readjustments when putting the headset back on. The quest 1 has room to expand slightly to put your head in so you don’t have to redo any of the adjustments when putting it on and taking it off.I have not had any problem with it breaking (unlike a review mentioned),

and I don’t expect it to. It is really thick plastic and hearty. I don’t plan on buying a battery pack, so I cannot vouch for the product accommodates well for that accessory or not.I agree with other reviews it is difficult to put together. The instructions are poorly written if you receive them. The numeric order is strangely not just left to right and then going down, instead it makes you follow an arrow in "S" pattern. This is why I only gave four stars. It was a bit tricky to put it on.There should be five pieces and the instructions. I have provided a detailed version of how to assemble it properly.Instructions on how to put together:1. Remove the front face piece of Oculus 2 (the foam and plastic piece).2. Unsnap original head strap. It is tight and it will make a small snap sound when taking apart or putting together.3. Detach the velcro from the original strap on the Oculus 2 top front rectangular loop.4. Make the new main head strap longer on the sides by twisting the knob on the back.5. Find the four small plastic pieces that are used to attached the straps. The L pieces that go together on the left of the Oculus and the R pieces go together on the right.6. Sandwich the L small and L large pieces around the left side of main piece on the head strap (the velcro should face up and it will be on the left). Then repeat on right side.Tip: I found that putting the small piece left/right on a flat surface and then sandwiching the main head strap piece to the larger piece works best. It takes strength and perfect positioning for it to connect. It will also make a snap sound.7. Attach the now connected head strap to the Oculus 2 on the left and right sides.8. Put the velcro strap through the top loop of the Oculus 2.9. Place the face piece back onto the Oculus 2.10. Adjust to your head as needed. The knob on the back loosens and tightens the head strap.

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