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Game Hacker Apps for Android with/without Root

1626 15/08/2021

Playing video games on your Android smartphone is a great pass-time activity for many youths across the globe. However, most video games now have annoying features that suck the fun out of the endeavor and make playing them a tasking activity. For example, many free games come with annoying advertisements and limited features geared towards making you purchase their premium versions. Yes, they are

paid for games

! However, this can destroy the desire to play the games even you use an excellent Android game controller.

Many avid gamers are turning to game hacker apps to help remove annoying features from video games so that they can enjoy playing. To do this effectively, you need to use the best chat apps for Android devices. The best Android cheat apps are:

Part 1: SB Game Hacker APK

Part 2: Creehack

Part 3: LeoPlay Card

Part 4: Game Killer

Part 5: Games

Part 6: Cheat Engine

Part 7: Lucky Patcher

Part 8: Xmodgames

Part 9: The Best Tool to Play Android Games on a PC: Wondershare MirrorGo

Part 1: SB Game Hacker APK


SB Game Hacker Apk

is an android game modification that is easy to install and use than most other available tools. The SB Game Hacker apk game hacker app android works by helping you get more coins and lives to maximize playing a given game. Furthermore, the app helps remove those annoying ads and bypass license restrictions so that you can fully enjoy playing a given game. This app works best on rooted devices, and therefore you must root the device first before installing the game.

Key Features

Offers both accurate and Fuzzy searches

It enables data filtering

Supports more than one language (English and Chinese)

User Reviews

The SB Game Hacker Apk is a popular app for hacking video games and has many reviews online. The majority of the users say that they love the app because it gives them a lot of freedom when playing various computer games. However, some have issues with the app because it cannot hack non-rooted android devices properly.

Part 2: Creehack

Creehack is the perfect game hacker app android tool that you need to enjoy playing lots of video games on your android device for free. Usually, many video games require that you make purchases if you're going to enjoy all the game features. With Creehack, you can bypass all the limitations and then enjoy your favorite game without making the purchase. Also, you can get playing items such as lives, levels, and coins for free.

Key Features

Can bypass all App payment requirements

Allows for unlimited In-App purchases

It does not require rooting

Ig compatible will almost all apps

User Reviews

Most of the Creehack game hacker android users agree that it is one of the best things that they have encountered. It allows them to play a lot of different games successfully without having to make costly purchases. Besides, the app is easy to install and use and thus quite useful even to video game lovers who are not tech-savvy.

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Part 3: LeoPlay Card


LeoPlay Card

is another great game hacker android tool that will allow you to play lots of android video games for free. The app, just like CreeHack, comes with an inbuilt card that you can use for free on Google play. It is also better than most other apps because it does not require rooting.

Key Features

It does not require rooting

Allows you to make unlimited in-app purchases

It is compatible with almost any app

Allows for the addition of new units

User Reviews

The majority of the reviewers agree that the LeoPlay Card android game hack is the best tool they have that allows them to access many different games for free. The device has many features and will enable players limitless access to numerous video games. However, several users have had issues playing their favorite games, given the fact that the app does not work with all online games.

Part 4: Game Killer

Game Killer APK is one of the best android game hacker apps that allow you to modify or hack gems, coins, and other game features as you play your video games. The app uses the memory changing technique and thus is compatible with a wide range of android versions of video games. The app is great for hacking all manner of games, but modifying paid tournaments is often discouraged. The Game Killer android game hack must have root access to your device for it to function effectively.

Key Features

Root access required

Use memory modification technique

Can lock video games to the required level

Can search for games with unclear directions

User Reviews

Gamekiller game hacker android has over 10 million users worldwide. The app has received mixed reviews, with the majority of the reviewers loving it. However, a few people feel that it is of limited use since it cannot hack online games.

Part 5: GameCIH

GameCIH is an excellent free cheat software that will help you modify video games and gain an edge considerably. The app allows you to change many variables in a wide range of online games without having to master the game codes. For example, you may use the app to gain more coins, change the characters' attributes in the game, or change your score and a lot of the other game statistics.

Key Features

Requires android rooting

Work best with offline games

User Reviews

Thousands of people have downloaded this app and love using it to hack video games. Many have reported that it works perfectly with their online games; however, several reviewers believe that the GameCIH is not as good as the Game Killer or the SBMan Game Hacker.

Part 6: Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine

is a popular and free open-source android game hacker app created by Dark Byte. The app enables you to use tricks when playing your favorite video game. The app works by scanning the internet for modifications that can give a video game player an edge over the opponent. For example, a player can apply a cheat engine to change weapons, see-through walls, and even build more obstacles in the game. The app is also open-source, which means that you can still make modifications to suit your needs.

Key Features

Connects to the remote process

Scan paged or read-only memories

The fast scan feature

Different value scanning types (float, string, double, and Array of Bytes)

Interactive Tutorial

User Reviews

Many video game players find the Cheat Engine android game hack a handy tool when playing their favorite video games. The majority of the users who have reviewed the app agree that it makes playing their games comfortable and enjoyable as they now can create more and more significant challenges. However, a few reviewers are disappointed that the Cheat Engine app is not adopted for all video games available in the world.

Part 7: Lucky Patcher


Lucky Patcher

android game hacker app is software that allows you to remove ads, license verification, and modify a host of other features of android apps and games. The app works on rooted devices and can help you manipulate how you play your video games.

Key Features

Removes all ads from all free apps and games

It gives you free in-app purchases for android games and apps

Removes the annoying license verification for all paid apps

It gives you access to all features of games and apps

User Reviews

The Lucky Patcher android game hack is one of the most popular android game hacker apps, with many reviewers giving it positive reviews. It is mainly because it not only help you hack games but also all the other android apps. However, a few people claim that it does not work on their devices, especially when not well-rooted.

Part 8: Xmodgames


XMOD Games

game hacker android is a fantastic android game hacking tool for playing video games on rooted android smartphones. The devices work by scanning your devices for all games stored on them and then comping the internet for any trick or assistance you can use to hack the games. The app is cool for playing all video games as it provides excellent tricks to inject fun into the game and make it a lot easier to play.

Key Features

Automatic search for opponents and other game features

Provides you with a super game mode to ensure that you gain an edge over your opponents

Have thousands of game modes for different games

Regular updates for the hot games

User Reviews

XMOD games game hacker android is a favorite game hacking app for many android users. Many reviews on the app are positive as it offers a lot in modifying games and giving players an edge over their opponents.

Android video games are great to play. They jog your mind and help you pass the time. However, when you have to deal with limiting features such as lack of enough coins to move to the next level or frequent annoying advertisements, you need a perfect game hacker app to help you with the games. Above are the top 8 games Hacker Apps for Android with/without Root.

Part 9: The Best Tool to Play Android Games on a PC: Wondershare MirrorGo

If you want to play your favorite Android games on a PC, then


would be the perfect solution. Without rooting your Android phones, you can mirror all sorts of games on your computer’s screen. The application will provide dedicated gaming keys to move, target, fire, etc., that would let you change your gaming experience for sure.

Wondershare MirrorGo

Mirror your android device to your computer!

Play mobile games

on your computer without delay.

Use the

game keyboard and mouse

to control the game on your computer.


SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.

simultaneously without picking up your phone.


android apps

on your PC for a full-screen experience.


your classic gameplay.

Available on:


Try It Free

Buy Now


people have downloaded it

Apart from the listed gaming keys, users can also customize the shortcuts according to their games. Here’s how you can also mirror and play your favorite Android games on your PC:

Step 1: Mirror your Android Phone to your PC via MirrorGo

To begin with, launch Wondershare MirrorGo on your computer and connect your Android device to it. Enable the USB debugging.

Step 2: Launch the Game and Start Playing

Launch any game on your phone and view it on your PC via MirrorGo. You can maximize the screen of MirrorGo and click on the keyboard icon from the sidebar to access the available gaming keys.

There are already dedicated keys for a joystick, sight, fire, and other actions in MirrorGo that you can use. Furthermore, you can tap on the “Custom” option to change the keys as per the preference of the game you are playing.

Joystick: Move up, down, right, or left with keys.

Sight: Look around by moving mouse.

Fire: Left click to fire.

Telescope: Use the telescope of your rifle.

Custom key: Add any key for any use.

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