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Ship Simulator Extremes

1693 26/08/2021

Protect the seas

Ship Simulator Extremes

is a ship simulation game developed by Paradox Interactive that gives you the chance to

explore the seas.

You can roam around freely or you can also

do environment-friendly missions

like keeping the waters clean and sea creatures away from harmful human activities.

Be a coast guard

Taking on the role of a coast guard can be a very big responsibility but you will find it enjoyable in this game. There are different missions you can do as you sail along the sea. The missions are based on real-life events and problems like rescuing people from an island that is threatened by a volcanic eruption. You can also protect whales from being hunted by humans. There are a ton of missions to choose from and it is even more exciting than simply sailing aimlessly from point to point. The missions are more than picking up and dropping off passengers in ship piers, which is what I think makes this game stand out from other ship simulators.

Of course, if you feel like relaxing instead of doing tasks, you can also choose to sail freely. The game has a free sailing mode where you can explore the open seas without worrying about complet

ing missions. You can use this mode to familiarize yourself with the controls of your chosen ship. This is also the perfect chance for you to become acquainted with each one. Get acquainted with your vessel by walking around it. Expect to be up close and personal with the waves especially if you are aboard a small ship.

Choose your ship

There are a lot of ships to choose from in the main menu and you can browse through each one of them. The game provides information and a preview for each one. Available ships range from gigantic cruise ships and heavy-duty cargo ships to swift yachts. Information is made available for each one of them such as their speed and the best environmental conditions to have them out on water. Aside from the ships, you can also choose which ocean to sail and what kind of weather condition you would like to have during your trip. You may think it fun to brave against a stormy weather but let me tell you that the game tries to implement realistic physics. Huge waves can topple down small ships and even big ones if you do not know how to properly drive it. There are also times when you might encounter icebergs at sea. Bumping against them may also cause damage to your ship. If you are down on luck, your ship may not be able to recover from hitting an iceberg and will sink on the spot.

All aboard!

Fans of simulation games will surely like this and it is recommendable to give Ship Simulator Extremes a try. It has interesting missions that are made extra challenging as you try to sail on dangerous seas and strong winds.

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