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How Can Someone Can Hack Your Phone Without Touching It?

1603 13/08/2021

Is it



Can someone hack my phone without touching it?

Yes, a hacker can spy on a phone without physical access to it — and it’s actually not a very complex task. Today,


can learn how to hack a phone remotely. With modern tracking software such as mSpy and Flexispy currently available on the consumer market, all an aspiring hacker needs is his or her own smartphone, to perform the few steps of the simple hacking process.

Why Do People Hack Phones?

There are numerous reasons people hack others’ phones. A parent may want to monitor who their kids are calling and texting. An employer may want to monitor employees’ activities. Someone may want to track the location of his or her spouse. Law enforcement might use hacking to expose a major criminal. Or, a cybercriminal may be randomly stealing data.

Some phone hacking purposes may not be unethical or illegal. But, most hacking is to gather information in order to commit financial fraud and other crimes that hurt phone owners.

How to Hack Into a Phone Without Physical Access to It

The easiest way to hack into a cell phone without being in close range of it is by using a phone monitoring solution like Flexispy or


. These apps enable spying on the phone and simultaneously protect the identity of the hacker. The hacker can use his or her own smartphone to complete a simple 3-step process:

Open a cell phone monitoring app from a web browser on any networked device:

Login to the dashboard that the hacker is asked to create with the app supplier.

Follow the simple instructions to launch the hack into the target device.

What Kinds of Phone Hacking Software do Hackers Use?

There is actually a rather wide selection of phone hacking apps available to today’s hackers, including these globally popular brands:




Highster Mobile

These apps work well for hacking iPhones remotely. Hacking an Android phone, however, requires physical access to the target device. But, hacking an Android phone is not difficult once the hacker has direct access to the phone.

Hacking a Smartphone

Hacking phones that are enabled with “smart” web-telecom technology is more challenging than hacking regular cell phones. Advanced security features protect smartphone models.

Some of the high-tech security features for smartphone data protection protocols include use of passwords, pin numbers, fingerprint unlock features, and even 3D facial recognition.

How to Hack the Camera on a Cell Phone

Options that allow hackers to access a phone camera and view the pictures stored on the device include:

Remote Access/Admin Tools (RAT)

— This involves a more complex process. Only hackers with programming and scripting proficiencies are likely to be successful with this approach.

Phone Spy Apps

— Hacking software such as Flexispy or mSpy are much easier to use and allow monitoring of multimedia file sharing to recipients on social media platforms.

These applications work for targeting either iOS or Android.

How to Hack an iOS Phone Camera

The protocols for hacking iPhones only require the hacker to:

Enter iCloud credentials for the device, and complete verifications.

Enable the optional back-up feature, to sync the targeted data to the hacker’s phone.

Login to the online dashboard and begin viewing contents of the phone camera’s photo storage.

Then, simply click the “Photo” tab.

Finally, click on photo files to select and view.

The dashboards also provide access commands to spy on sharing of social media photos to Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

How to Hack an Android Phone Camera

To access an Android OS requires download of the phone hacking software and installation onto the target device. When prompted, the hacker can simply select the command “Grant all necessary permissions,” to enable hacking into an Android OS.

How to Hack a Phone Using Only the Phone Number

To execute the process of using the phone number to hack a cell phone, a hacker can simply go to the vendor’s official website for his or her preferred hacking solution and follow these steps:

Select the preferred subscription package for the hacker’s particular spying interests.

Fill in basic information about the targeted phone (model number and other details).

For iPhone, enter the iCloud credentials and verify those via the app provider’s platform.

Click the “Data” tab.

Click “Start,” to launch the hack.

Login on the dashboard at app’s website, and begin spying on the target phone.

This simple process opens up unrestricted entrance to the hacked phone, including access to the phone’s IMEI number as well as SIM details, such as the phone owner’s network provider.

How To Find Out if a Cell Phone Has Been Hacked?

Being aware of these most common signs of phone hacking can potentially help phone owners minimize their losses from criminal invasion of their cell phone data files:

The phone battery drains quickly even when the phone hasn’t been used much

Sudden sluggishness of the phone’s functioning

The cell phone number has been ported without the phone owner’s knowledge

The phone is displaying “SOS Only” where bars normally indicate reception levels

Of course, these may also just be indicators that the phone needs replacement or repair, the operating system needs to be updated, or the battery needs to be replaced. But, if none of these normal causes appear to apply, the phone may have been hacked, and malware may be installed that is illegally gathering the phone owner’s data.

How to Remove a Hacker from a Phone

First of all, you have to be proactive. You can do things, like installing

antivirus for your android phone

, or at least be more careful with your surroundings as they say prevention is better than cure. On the other hand, in the case you have been hacked already, the quickest and easiest method of removing a hacker’s app from a cell phone is simply to reset the phone back to the original factory settings. Resetting deletes all data, so phone owners should preserve important files prior to using the reset option.

Another approach is to go to the phone’s system settings and select the “Security” tab. Examine the phone administrator fields. This is where most spyware accesses cell phones. Uninstall unfamiliar apps.

CAUTION: Spyware may be disguised with file names such as “system update service.” So, beware of deleting these without professional guidance.

Modern Phone Hacking Tools

Today’s cutting-edge phone hacking solutions are easy to install and use. Hacking app suppliers have official websites, where hackers can select the type of device they want to hack and subscribe to their preferred hacking tool package. There is even customer support available for those experiencing issues with their hacking tools!

Phone hackers clearly have all the advantages over their prospective victims. Therefore, phone owners should maintain routine checks of their phones and take prompt action to remove any suspicious digital files.

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