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Twitter leak hints that paid "super follower" may be launched soon

1710 01/08/2021

Twitter may be about to make its paid "super follower" a reality. As The Verge learned, code detective Jane Manchun Wong found evidence of the Super Follows application, which shows that Twitter is almost ready for its Patreon-style product. Creators can apply for and possibly manage their super-following status by defining categories (including "adults only" and "reality shows") and platforms they have used to share material (such as OnlyFans and Twitch).

The findings might also outline just what you'd need to be eligible for Super Follows. A creator applying for the feature would need to be 18 or older, boas

t 10,000 or more followers and post at least 25 times over the previous 30 days. You'd need to have a well-established audience, in other words.

Twitter declined to comment on the apparent leak.

It wouldn't be surprising if Twitter launched Super Follows soon. The social media giant has been busy adding numerous paid features in recent weeks, including Tip Jar donations, Blue subscriptions and even a weather service. Super Follows would complement those offerings, and might be one of the most important additions — it would let social media stars charge for content while boosting Twitter's bottom line.

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