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Help your distributed team thrive with cloud ERP

1529 05/07/2021

At the beginning of the pandemic, many companies were found to be using outdated technology, leaving their teams in a dilemma of lack of necessary software, information, and access to workplace information and services. Cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions can help organizations overcome turbulence that interferes with standard operations, allowing employees and employers to stay connected to resources that are vital to remote work.

Cloud-based ERP makes an organization’s on-site network available from anywhere where there's internet access. When the whole team can access the same software, data and company-specific resources without needing to be in the building and still collaborate with their colleagues, productivity can remain stable or even increase. With a cloud solution, all departments gain access to a unified picture of how the business is performing for real-time decision-making. And you can rest assured that cloud ERPs receive regular updates to stay in line with ever-changing accounting and regulatory requirements — without the cumbersome task of re-engineering software on site.

Cloud ERP can go beyond infrastructure, though, as NetSuite discovered when it investigated the effects of implementing that solution. It can make it easier for an organization to build resilience and agility — two things that come in handy for uncertain times. Moving essential resources online has its complications, but a cloud-based ERP can help you go fully remote at a moment’s notice without sacrificing any efficiency, data or functionality.

Consider this: One of the benefits of an in-person workforce is the

pace at which they can work. When teammates are under one roof, they can quickly share information, update documents, collaborate and more. With a cloud-based ERP, the potential for a quick and responsive workforce is the same. That’s not the only benefit of making the move. NetSuite’s white paper, 7 Ways ERP Helps Organizations Build Resilience and Agility, describes in detail how cloud operation can drive speedy reaction times, among the more promising potential for distributed personnel.

If you have to stop or slow business due to a disaster or other unforeseen event, you’ll first need to handle the logistics of reorganizing your workforce. Then, you’ll find your team playing catch-up just to get back on the ball with normal day-to-day work, further halting growth. Agile brands, like those operating with a cloud ERP, pivot without missing a beat.

Software that makes remote working easy and intuitive at the employer and employee level is invaluable. To stay at the leading edge of cloud software development, learn more about how a cloud-based ERP can help your organization weather the rest of the pandemic and any future catastrophic events. Check out 7 Ways ERP Helps Organizations Build Resilience and Agility to find out how your organization can stay one step ahead.

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