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Beauty meets technology: A closer look at the design and display of the HONOR Magic 4 Pro

2357 12/05/2023

Beauty meets technology: A closer look at the design and display of HONOR Magic 4 Pro

HONOR Magic 4 Pro is a premium smartphone that stands out for its excellent display and efficient design. With its sophisticated design, sophisticated camera and spectacular OLED screen, this device is an excellent choice for anyone interested in buying a new smartphone.

This article will cover the distinctive design and display technologies of HONOR Magic 4 Pro, including its premium materials, top-of-the-line camera system and display . We will also explore how these features enhance the user experience and differentiate the device from the competition.

Display technology

The display is the main selling point for HONOR Magic 4 Pro, the phone , which emphasizes screen design and technology. The device's 6.6.81-inch OLED display is excellent for watching, surfing the Internet or playing games thanks to its FHD+ (2848 x 1312) resolution and densitypixels 476 PPI.

Images that are alive and in< span style="font-family:'Times New Roman'">reer facts can be displayed on the HONOR Magic 4 Pro screen thanks to OLED technology. Because OLED screens have deeper blacks and higher contrast ratios, colors on twhose screens are livemoreněrně This is most noticeable when you engage in a game or watch a movie that contains a significant amount of sequences set in the darke.

The display has pomr pages 19.5:9 and promnn refresh rate 1–< /span>120 Hz, which enablenuses LTPO technology to help save battery life. The display also offers HDR10+ compatibility, a DCI-P3 color gamut and an integrated biometric sensor. Thanks to the excellent color accuracy and brightness of the display, it remains legible even in direct sunlight.

High touch sampling rate provides a smooth and responsive contact on the phone. The display of HONOR Magic 4 Pro is an excellent feature that provides users with a large, high-quality and versatile screen that is ideal for activities such as watching videos, playing games and browsing the web.

Design HONOR Magic 4 Pro< /span>

Beauty meets technology: A closer look at the design and display of HONOR Magic 4 Pro

Elegant and sophisticated design of HONOR Magic 4 Pro highlighthe device is made of aluminum alloy and has a refined finish , which gives it a first-class feel in the hand.

HONOR Magic 4 Pro is ergonomic and comfortable è designed. The OLED display of the phone has a diagonal of 6.81 inches, so it is a joy to use. In addition, the size of the phone makes it difficult to operate with one hand. However, the rounded edges of the phone make it easier to hold. /span>

The back panel of the HONOR Magic 4 Pro best demonstrates the device's attention to detail . The device's camera module is centered at the top of the rear panel and has a raised bezel surrounding the optics. This design not only protects the camera lens from scratches and other damage, but also brilliant ">le looks.

Its camera system is uniqueeand functionalě incorporated into the design of the device. The device features a triple lens module at the top of the rear panel, protectè a raised edge against scratches and other damage. HONOR Magic 4 Pro has an excellent primary camera but lacks OIS. The phone is equipped with a telephoto periscope camera with a focal length of 90 mm, a resolution of 64 MP and lightability of f/3.5, which provides equivalent brightnessjoy 3.5 times.


Totalèis HONOR Magic 4 Pro< /span> an excellent choice for consumers looking for a high-end smartphone with elegant design and top functions. HONOR Magic 4 Pro is a versatile device that can take amazing pictures and videos, surf the web and watch movies. The cutting-edge technology and stylish design of this device will win even the most demanding users, including media professionals and enthusiasts. /span>

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