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How to Easily Save Videos from Reddit

1494 13/11/2021

As a social network aggregation site that provides massive content under a database, Reddit is overwhelmed by many subscribers or visitors who want to save Reddit videos to their own devices. Here, we provide you with two applicable methods to block videos on Reddit. One is through recording, and the other is through downloading. After acquiring the skills, you can keep these videos and share them with your friends at any time.

How to Save Videos from Reddit

Save by Recording

Save by Downloading

Save on Mobile Devices

Save By Recording

If you are looking forward to grabbing Reddit video clips, the most suitable way is to record the video clip itself. All you need is a reliable screen recorder like ShowMore. ShowMore is a web based screen recording application which is capable of recording any screen activities including Reddit videos on your PC. Even better, it offers you unlimited recording time upon a free accout registration. While recording, you can include webcam, system sound, microphone sound and add annotations. Plus, it also has free cloud space for you to upload and manage the recorded videos.

To save reddit videos with audio, here’s what you need to do.

Launch ShowMore by visiting its

main site


Once open the page, click “Start Recording” to launch this screen recorder. And if this is your first time using it, the installation of its online launcher is required so that you can utilize the tool normally.

After that, select the appropriate audio source that you want for your recording by hitting the icon that resembles a microphone. You can choose system sound, microphone or both.

Next, open any Reddit video that you wish to capture, and then, choose the recording mode that you like. If you choose “Region”, simply set the recording frame along the area that you like to capture and then hit the “Record” button. The recording will start after 3-second countdown.

To end the recording, click the “Stop” button and a preview of your recording will be shown. Now click the diskette-like icon and choose “Save as video file” so that you can save the recorded Reddit video to local storage.

Once done, another window will appear giving you options whether to upload the video on cloud, play the video, or open the folder that contains the video.

Save By Downloading

The next method on how to save videos from Reddit is by downloading. There’s a program that is capable of ripping Reddit video called Redv.com. This is an online program that solely works as a video downloader for uploaded Reddit videos. Since no installation is required, just open the video, copy its URL and paste it in this tool. Done! Redv is indeed a workable program that you can use to keep the Reddit video that you wish to have.

On the other hand, there are some concerns regarding this app, first is that it fails from time to time, and it comes with adware pop ups. In addition, the quality of the downloaded videos are not that good. But in general, it’s quick and simple to operate.

Below is the guide how to download Reddit video with this program:

Kindly visit



Once on the page, open another tab and search for the Reddit video that you need to download and copy its URL.

After that, back to the downloader and paste the copied URL on the box provided, and then, click the “Red” icon with arrow pointing right to start the process.

Next, choose the folder to select the saving location and click the download button.

Additional Tips for Saving Reddit Videos on Mobile Devices

Using Video Downloader

If you are using mobile devices and want to know how to save Reddit videos, well, you can choose a mobile app named

Video Downloader

. This mobile application works as a browser and video downloader in one. To use it, simply open the Reddit video that you want to capture inside this tool’s browser. And click the download button which will show up after the video is detected within the app.

However, some of this video downloader’s users claim that this program responses slowly, therefore, somtimes you need to repeat the process till it goes through.

Using ApowerREC for recording. (Android & iOS)

If you consider the risk of malware or viruses and don’t want to download videos directly from Reddit, you can use the app version of ApowerREC on Android and iOS devices to record Reddit videos. By using this mobile application, users can capture any activity from their mobile phone screen, including video clips. Unlike other mobile screen recorders, ApowerREC does not require any system adjustments to make it work. You only need to get this tool for your Android/iOS device from Google Play or AppStore. Just try it to know how convenient and smooth it is.

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