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How to Choose the Right Operating System

1538 22/10/2021

The operating system is like the heart and vein of a computer. Without it, the computer will not run.

Different operating systems

are available on the market and they all have their pros and cons.

The three most well-known ones are Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Each of these is good and will be a good choice.

Your personal choice of OS will depend on several different considerations

will be a good choice


What will the computer be used for?

The very first consideration is about the use of the computer and its operating system. For basic business and home use, Windows is the most popular and easy to use.

If you are a graphic designer, music producer, or have some other type of media-related job, you may be better off with a Mac OS. Mac OS is ideally suited for graphics and multi-media use.

If you are a programmer, Linux will likely be your choice of system. Linux is the operating system used by most programmers across the world.

What is your price range for computers?

The price range that you are comfortable with will also play a role in the choice of operating system. Windows runs on most computers including entry-level or low-price range models. Mac OS only runs on Apple computers.

Apple computers do not have an entry-level or low-price range and their computers are generally more expensive. Linux is for free and can run on any computer, including servers that run mission critical tasks including DNS, DHCP, Email &

Monitor your network for up-time


What type of devices and programs do you want to run?

Because Windows is the most popular and most-used operating system, most devices and programs are designed to be compatible with it. With Apple computers and Mac OS, you will only be able to add software and devices that are made specifically for Apple.

Most manufacturers do not consider Linux when designing their products, so very few make devices and software that are compatible with it.

What is your safety requirements?

Windows is generally seen as the operating system that is the most vulnerable. This is because of its popularity as all programs, software, and malware and viruses are designed for this system.

Mac OS is generally safer because there is fewer hacker software for it. Linux is the safest as almost all of its processes require administrator permission.

These are the four things you need to answer for yourself when deciding to buy a new computer or operating system.

Most computers come with an OS already installed, so you will need to consider price range. Once you have answered these questions, you should be able to choose the right operating system for you.

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