Operating System

Here, you can obtain information about mobile phone and computer operating systems, such as Mac, Windows, Android, IOS, and Hongmeng systems,etc.

  • How to Change Startup Programs on Windows 10, 7

    When you add a startup program to Windows 10 or Windows 7, you will usually be prompted to start the program as long as the computer is logged in. In most cases, the Set as default startup option is c...

    512 31/10/2021

  • How to Add an SSD to a Mac Without Opening the Computer

    As an upgrade to the Mac, Apple charges absurd fees for larger-capacity solid-state drives. This is a way to avoid paying hundreds of dollars. We will show you how to add an SSD to your Mac without op...

    419 30/10/2021

  • How to Upgrade Mac to SSD Drive and Transfer Data

    Upgrading a Mac Mini or MacBook Pro to an SSD drive can significantly improve its performance. Below you will find the steps to upgrade your Mac to an SSD drive and transfer data to the new SSD drive...

    479 29/10/2021

  • How to Run Program from CMD (Command Prompt) Windows 10

    Summary:You can run a program or an exe file from Command Prompt. Check how to do it in this tutorial.MiniTool software, not only provides many useful computer solutions, but also provides users many...

    405 27/10/2021

  • How to run a program (C#)

    How to: Run a C# program in Visual Studio10/16/20196 minutes to readgjIn this articleWhat you need to do to run a program depends on what you're starting from, what type of program, app, or service it...

    488 26/10/2021

  • How to Boot from a USB Drive on Windows 10 PCs

    If you have an older PC, you may want to upgrade your operating system at some point. The upgraded operating system can make your computing experience smoother, so you can complete daily tasks faster....

    460 25/10/2021

  • How to: Transfer OS to SSD (Free) in Windows 10, 8 or 7

    ✔When transfer OS to SSD?✔Reliable freeware to migrate your OS to an SSD✔Steps to free transfer OS to SSD without reinstallation✔Need to format old system drive after transferring to SSD?✔What if the...

    480 24/10/2021

  • How to Transfer OS to SSD in Windows: A Step

    "I have a new SSD drive, and now I want to move my Windows 10 operating system to it. Can someone tell me in detail how to transfer the operating system to SSD?"As I read this query, I realized that s...

    525 23/10/2021

  • How to Choose the Right Operating System

    The operating system is like the heart and vein of a computer. Without it, the computer will not run.Different operating systemsare available on the market and they all have their pros and cons.The th...

    460 22/10/2021

  • How to Screenshot on a Chromebook

    Chromebook and Chromebox are designed to be easy-to-use computers, but this simplicity can lead to confusion. Screenshots are a feature that is not super easy to explain, there are several different w...

    513 21/10/2021

  • Install Howto

    Install FreeDOS 1.2Need some help installing FreeDOS 1.2 on your computer? Here is a step-by-step guide to installing FreeDOS. Installing FreeDOS uses the same process whether you install FreeDOS in a...

    485 21/10/2021

  • How do I remove unwanted programs from my laptop? – IronSet

    Plan1 How do I remove unwanted programs from my laptop?2 How do you get rid of unwanted apps on your computer?3 How do I permanently remove Cortana from Windows 10?4 Can I disable Cortana from Windows...

    497 20/10/2021

  • How to Print or Save a Directory Listing to a File in Windows

    Sometimes, you may want to print or save a list of files in the directory. Windows does not provide an easy way to do this from its interface, but it is not difficult to accomplish.Printing a director...

    515 19/10/2021

  • 10 Free Tools To Save or Print a List of File and Folder Contents • Raymond.CC

    Whether you need to do this for yourself or for others, sometimes you need to create a list of the contents of a specific directory, a set of directories, or an entire drive. With the size of today's...

    466 18/10/2021

  • How to Show or Hide Specific Desktop Icons on Windows 10

    Windows 10 includes an option tohide all the icons on your desktopthat’s easy to find. But if you want to hide only a few icons, you’ll need to dig a little deeper. Here’s how.How to Show or Hide Syst...

    504 17/10/2021

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