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1797 14/08/2021

GuestSpy: Free Phone Spy App

We are going to introduce you to GuestSpy (Guest Spy). It is a free phone spying application. Include more than 10+ free phone spy features.

Spy on Messages

Free Call Spy

Free GPS Tracker

Spy on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Viber, etc

Live Voice Recording

Works on any Android device


GuestSpy App

GuestSpy is a mobile application which is a free mobile spy software. You can spy on any phone you want to by using this app. This app can retrieve all sorts of information related to the location of the target phone or device. The information or data is stored and displayed in an organized manner to view in the control panel which is the user’s account. The user can view the collected information and data after logging in and getting connected to the internet. So, these are some of the tips about how to spy on a particular device. This app can assist you in many ways while spying on a phone.


GuestSpy: Free Phone Spy App

10+ GuestSpy Features

GuestSpy is an application which works in a secret mode and doesn’t let the phone’s owner know about the app while running in its background.

Tracking phone location

This app has a GPS tracker function which can track the location belonging to the device or the victim. You don’t need to worry about the whereabouts of your near and dear ones since this app lets you easily access their location and you can reach them quickly in emergency situations.

Message spy

The messages which are available on the target phone like all multimedia or text messages can be viewed and read through this application at once. The messages that the user has deleted from the target phone can also be viewed without letting the victim know.

Spy call

This application can provide you with the facility to record all sorts of calls received or made through the phone which is targeted. You can also get informative details like the real- time conversation and call duration. You can also check the timings of calls received or made.

Contact checking

The contacts can be checked using this app. The contacts which are saved on the targeted phone can be accessed easily. The events and activities on the calendar are also made accessible to the user. The notifications come in place when the victim makes any changes in the list of contacts.

Social Media Spy

This application is a useful way to spy on someone’s social media. It can be used to view or read the messages exchanged on the apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat. You have the ability to supervise or monitor all the activities going on in these apps.

Recording live calls

This app can prove to be a lot of assistance when you are trying to record live calls. You can hear all the conversations that are taking place in real-time and you also have the option to record it. You can have any information you want from the call.

Alerts and notification

In case the target phone changes the SIM card or gets a new number, you don’t need to worry. This app lets you know and messages you immediately with the number of the new SIM card and helps you get a proper hold of the targeted phone.


This app is undetectable on the target phone which means you have the opportunity to perform whatever you wish, without any chances of getting caught. The installed app can be hidden by the user to let the victim remain unknown from the presence of this app.


Steps to Spy A Phone

Steps to spy on cell phone

This app can help you get a better view of where and how safe your near and dear ones are. There are some simple steps which can be used to execute this GuestSpy App:

Step 1: Download GuestSpy App

Download the application of GuestSpy Mobile Spy App on your Android or iOS phone using web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, or a default browser from the site guestspy.com.

Step 2: Install

After downloading the app, you can install it on the target phone and process its setup from the APK file.

Step 3: Log In

Now, after installing this app, you can go on and start spying on the target phone. You can login to the control panel of GuestSpy to start spying on texts, calls, GPS locations, social media apps and many other actions or activities happening on the target phone.



GuestSpy is compatible and can be used with all the devices that are popular today like iPhone, Android, Samsung, Huawei, Oppo and more. It can work well with all these devices.


This GuestSpy app has around 25+ features which can provide you with information and data that no other app can deliver, which includes all kinds of messages like SMS, GPS, calls and many instant messaging chats like WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook.

Catching a cheater

You can catch a cheater using this app. You can get to know about people your partner is chatting with or talking to with the assistance of this app. You can also get to know how your partner is spending your money. You can get each and every detail about that person and come closer to the truth by reading or studying these data and information.

Finding and backing up the lost phone

You can find and backup your phone through this app. This app can assist you to track the location of your lost phone. You can trace the location of your phone and get it back. Even if the person who has got your phone changes the network or may try to change the phone’s network, you still have access to all the necessary information. This app works on networks of all types.

Parental Control

This app can help parents have the control on their children’s phone usage. They can also track the location of their children’s phone easily and can remain stress-free. You can also monitor the things your children see on the phones or the internet. You can block some of the sites if you think they are watching something inappropriate or something they should not be watching.

Spy employee

This app can also be brought into use by employers to check whether their employees are working properly or not or if they are wasting their time here and there. This app is considered best since it lets the employer know what their employers are doing on their office time. You can also track their location about where they are during office hours.

Why is this app best

GuestSpy is the best phone spying app that has software for mobile monitoring with the highest technology. It is easy to install for parents, spouses and employees and can be installed directly on smartphones. You should ensure that you are properly monitoring after installing the application on your Android or smartphone. You can have an eye on most of the activities like calls, SMS, and URL information. It gives you access to the device’s location when the GPS signal is on. You can get the view of every activity on the phone. You just need an internet connection and you don’t even need to go near the target person.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews about this app are very good and positive. Parents get a better control on their children with the help of this app. It can be called the best app for parental control. It helps them to monitor their children’s online activities and also contributes to making them safe and have a good experience without getting into any online harassment. The app is easy to use and has all necessary features. It also offers real-time locations of their children and they don’t need to worry about them. This app makes it easy for supervision and monitoring purposes.

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