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Running Programs With the mpirun Command

1557 04/11/2021


./mpirun -h

mpirun (Open MPI) 1.4r18761-ct8.0-b24a-r134

Usage: mpirun [OPTION]... [PROGRAM]...

Start the given program using Open RTE

-amAggregate MCA parameter set file list

--appProvide an appfile; ignore all other command line


-bynode|--bynode Whether to allocate/map processes round-robin by


-byslot|--byslot Whether to allocate/map processes round-robin by

slot (the default)

-c|-np|--npNumber of processes to run

-cf|--cartofileProvide a cartography file

-d|--debug-devel Enable debugging of OpenRTE

-debug|--debug Invoke the user-level debugger indicated by the

orte_base_user_debugger MCA parameter

--debug-daemons Enable debugging of any OpenRTE daemons used by

this application

--debug-daemons-file Enable debugging of any OpenRTE daemons used by

this application, storing output in files


Sequence of debuggers to search for when "--debug"

is used


Provide a default hostfile


Display the allocation being used by this job


Display the process map just before launch

--do-not-launch Perform all necessary operations to prepare to

launch the application, but do not actually launch



Do not attempt to resolve interfaces


Pass global MCA parameters that are applicable to

all contexts (arg0 is the parameter name; arg1 is

the parameter value)

-h|--help This help message

-H|-host|--hostList of hosts to invoke processes on

--hetero Indicates that multiple app_contexts are being

provided that are a mix of 32/64 bit binaries


Provide a hostfile


Balance total number of procs across all allocated



Provide a hostfile


Pass context-specific MCA parameters; they are

considered global if --gmca is not used and only

one context is specified (arg0 is the parameter

name; arg1 is the parameter value)

-n|--nNumber of processes to run

-nolocal|--nolocal Do not run any MPI applications on the local node


Nodes are not to be oversubscribed, even if the

system supports such operation

--noprefix Disable automatic --prefix behavior


Launch n processes per node on all allocated nodes


Specify the URI of the Open MPI server, or the name

of the file (specified as file:filename) that

contains that info

-path|--pathPATH to be used to look for executables to start


-pernode|--pernode Launch one process per available node on the

specified number of nodes [no -np => use all

allocated nodes]

--prefixPrefix where Open MPI is installed on remote nodes


Preload the comma separated list of files to the

remote machines current working directory before

starting the remote process.


The destination directory to use in conjunction

with --preload-files. By default the absolute and

relative paths provided by --preload-files are


-q|--quiet Suppress helpful messages

-s|--preload-binary Preload the binary on the remote machine before

starting the remote process.

--tmpdirSet the root for the session directory tree for

orterun ONLY

-tv|--tv Deprecated backwards compatibility flag; synonym

for "--debug"

-v|--verbose Be verbose

-V|--version Print version and exit

-wd|--wdSynonym for --wdir

-wdir|--wdirSet the working directory of the started processes

-xExport an environment variable, optionally

specifying a value (e.g., "-x foo" exports the

environment variable foo and takes its value from

the current environment; "-x foo=bar" exports the

environment variable name foo and sets its value to

"bar" in the started processes)

--xml Provide all output in XML format

Report the error to http://www.open-mpi.org/community/help/

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